How to Work Like a Top-Producing Agent

What separates an average agent from a top producer? It’s not luck, and there isn’t a secret formula that favors a select few. High performers don’t always work harder — but they do work smarter. While their day-to-day tasks may differ, many top agents approach their prospecting, lead generation and client relationships the same way. And you can share these common traits too. 

So, what can you do to be more like a top producer?

Define your goals. Want to increase your annual income? Set a target. To earn X, you must sell Y. To sell Y, you must generate Z, and so on.

Try new things. Be the first to adopt the latest technology and techniques. Be willing to try things that other agents might not consider. And if something seems impractical, don’t give up. Switch gears and find a viable alternative.

Prospect every day. The goal is seven hours per week, so keep your scripts on hand. Consult your professional network, and engage your sphere of influence to drum up new, repeat and referral business. 

Balance your schedule. Tackle your difficult projects early in the day. Give equal weight to professional and personal tasks — “me time” is essential.

Provide an experience. Share your clients’ common interests and celebrate their personal goals. That way, you’ll be the go-to agent for their next referral, purchase or sale.

Become an expert. Take advantage of continuous learning opportunities. Know your market inside and out — including neighborhoods, residents, amenities and past sales history. Play to your strengths and leverage your natural abilities. 

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