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Kelly Right Real Estate was founded by Joe Kelly in 2005.  After several years in the lending and real estate industries, Mr. Kelly knew there was a better way to integrate lending into the home buying and selling experience.  He understood that there was significant “buying power” in a lower interest rate.  He also knew traditional lenders were taking too much money.  Both buyers and sellers could benefit from a better lending structure.


Joe Kelly, President & Founder

After starting the company in Seattle, WA in 2005 Mr. Kelly moved operations to Spokane, WA in the fall of 2006.  Spokane was instrumental in keeping costs low enabling those savings to be passed on to clients.  He named the company Soleil Real Estate in 2006 and added Soleil Home Loans in 2007.

From the beginning, Mr. Kelly wanted to ensure his real estate agents had the best commission structure in the industry.  By offering them 100% commission for a small monthly fee he gave them increased flexibility to better serve their clients and make more money per transaction.

In the spring of 2009, after operating out of a boutique office building in downtown Spokane, Mr. Kelly bought a small house on Hamilton Street.  He completely remodeled the house for office space and installed a signboard on the busy street.  Business grew and he added agents at a steady rate.  After just a few months, Soleil grew to become the largest independent broker in Spokane.  His agents loved, and continue to appreciate, the support, training, and 100% commission structure.

In 2012, during one of the worst real estate markets in US history, Mr. Kelly expanded operations back to Seattle and opened up the office in NE Seattle.  At the same time, he hired a full-time Loan Operations Manager, Louie Flores.  Mr. Flores was tasked with developing the lending operations and expanding it into additional markets.

The vision for Soleil Home Loans was to have salaried loan officers provide full home loan services and lending products under a flat fee format, regardless of the loan amount.  Salaried loan originators offering home loans for a flat fee was a better approach created to benefit Soleil agents and their buyers.  As an added benefit, buyer clients were given a $500 credit towards their appraisal.

Soleil expanded operations into Coeur d’Alene, ID in 2012 and Portland, OR in 2013.  As the market began to recover, expansion of the company was a natural progression.  In the summer of 2014, the corporate headquarters moved to its present location and additional employees and support staff were hired.

By the beginning of 2015, Mr. Kelly decided it was time for a name change and time to re-brand.  Kelly Right Real Estate was born and trademarked in fall of 2015.  K Loans, LLC is the new lending division.  Both are integrated into the new corporate entity, Kelly Right International, Inc.

In the early spring of 2016 Kelly Right expanded its operations to the Tri-Cities, WA, the Willamette Valley, OR, Sandpoint, ID and Boise, ID.  In, June of 2016 Kelly Right proudly announced that it was opening operations in Tampa Bay, FL with additional offices opening in Orlando, FL, Miami, FL, Birmingham, AL, Kallispell, MO and Atlanta, GA. Salt Lake City, UT has been added in 2019.

Kelly Right Real Estate is well-positioned for continued growth.  Mr. Kelly’s unique and extensive background in lending and real estate provide the framework for a company designed to benefit its clients in a way no other full-service real estate company ever has.

The business model and structure for Kelly Right is unique, financially beneficial to agents, conveniently virtual, offers a comprehensive product line, and is even perhaps, the way of the future for real estate companies altogether – because it makes SENSE and allows agents to keep the majority of their earnings… This is huge- especially for new agents who, overwhelmed with the costs, are struggling to make a name for themselves in an already crowded field of successful agents… There are some fantastic and motivated agents here and this is a beautiful, sunny state with beaches, mountains, and SO much to offer businesses and individuals alike. It is a market where agents could greatly benefit from the unique model of Kelly Right Real Estate!

- Alesha Price, Alabama Real Estate Salesperson


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