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"Your fees sound too good to be true... how can you offer so much for such low fees and 100% commission?"

It’s quite simple. We keep our operating costs down so we can offer you more. Our virtual business structure provides everything you need online: secure transaction management, training, support, resources and  networking. While we have small co-working spaces in some regions, our cloud based structure is designed to benefit all agents. By keeping our overhead low, we can improve your business and keep more money in your pocket. Calculate your commission below to see how we can benefit you!

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*For calculation purposes we are using a 3% agent commission

Kelly Right Split
Commission: You keep 100%
Transaction Fee: $189/max **Local & state taxes if applicable
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Franchise Fee: %
Commission Split: %
Transaction Fee: **Local & state taxes if applicable
The Kelly Right Difference
Earnings with Current Broker:
Earnings with Kelly Right:
The Kelly Right Difference:

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