Frequently Asked Questions

Yep. You get to keep 100% of your commission less a VERY small transaction fee and applicable state taxes. You pay Kelly Right $79 per month regardless of activity.

Ah yes…I get it. You have been so “nickle and dimed” by your previous firm you are skeptical. Not to worry. Our transaction fee is a MAXIMUM of $179 per transaction. It is as low as $79 is your commission is less than $1000. Compare our fees structure to any company in America and you will be impressed.

Same day! As long as your paperwork is complete and Kelly Right has all the documentation needed we will pay you immediately.

You decide how much you want to work.  We have no production quotas so you work at whatever speed you would like.  Remember, we make so little money off your commission that we really do not push you to produce.

We are based in the Pacific Northwest but are a national company.  We operate in WA, OR, ID, MT, OK, MS, AL, GA, FL, CT and MA.  Your license needs to be valid and in good standing.

We have an office in many of the cities we operate in but are moving towards a digital/virtual platform.  Our offices are in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Boise, Tri Cities, Coeur d’Alene and Walla Walla.  The industry is changing rapidly and technology allows us to work efficiently from anywhere.  By keeping low overhead we can keep your fees down to a bare minimum.

Why in fact, we do!  Kelly Right will give you access to the most powerful lead generation tool available.  This software incorporates your own website, CRM, mobile app and search tools to significantly boost your online presence and generate more leads for you.   Contact us for the details.

And then some…We pride ourselves on offering full service real estate support. We offer an exclusive online company wide agent portal with local support groups and a managing broker is always available for your questions and concerns.  In fact, we believe we have some of the most experienced managers in the industry.

We provide access to all the Kelly Right agents throughout the country through a 24/7 virtual forum.  Agents can share ideas, communicate new sales strategies and advise each other through this powerful online forum.

Yes.  You are responsible for negotiating your commission and you have the flexibility to make adjustments to make sure the transaction closes.  We do not advertise any “reduced” commission structure so you can charge full commission or discount your commission as needed.

Now we are talking.  Kelly Right is proud to offer our exclusive FUSE training system.  We hold weekly training webinars, a weekly conference call and weekly 3rd party training to make sure you have some of the best training in the industry.  Fuse Training can show you everything from how to use social media to generate more leads to eliminating closing costs for your buyers to make stronger offers.  Our FUSE Training is the best in the industry and no other company offers it.

Most agents want to be a part of their MLS to access all the specific MLS information but there are options. Call us to discuss.

Kelly Right covers your E&O insurance, State insurance and business insurance.  Each state is different so see your state specific independent contractor contract for details.

K Loans (NMLS#1028232) is owned by Kelly right International, Inc. and is affiliated with Kelly Right Real Estate.  K Loans is always available to answer any lending questions you might have.  Their salaried loan officers offer a fixed origination fee regardless of the loan amount and can pre-qualify your clients in 10 minutes or less.

Nope.  We encourage all of our agents to have their clients compare loans and get at least 3 good faith estimates….that is just being a smart consumer.

Yes.  Once we receive the completed Kelly Right paperwork we can typically get you switched over the same day.  We will coordinate with you to show you how to transfer your business and make a clean separation from your old brokerage.  Our on-boarding team will make sure you are supported and guided through this process.