Moving house

Kelly Right has built a highly successful real estate model designed to give you an advantage and take the stress out of your purchase.  Our structure encourages more experienced real estate professionals to represent you; professionals who can give you more powerful purchase options and find you the home of your dreams.

In realizing your dreams, Kelly Right makes sure you have a financial advantage too.  Kelly Right takes an extraordinary and dynamic approach to home buying.  In a competitive marketplace, we recognize that you need every advantage you can get and we give you some big ones…


You already know a lower interest rate on your purchase loan means more buying power or a lower payment on your loan.  However, it can also translate into your closing costs covered by a “rebate” from the lender.
Our lending arm, K Loans (NMLS#1028232), can show you how to take advantage of this pricing.  We designed K Loans around the specific needs of our buyers and built K Loans to benefit you as a buyer.

The key is to compare K Loans to other lenders to ensure you get the lowest interest rate and fee structure (APR) available in the marketplace.  Once you compare, let us show you how to lower your payment, increase your buying power or eliminate the need to ask the seller to pay your closing costs.  Working with a Kelly Right agent makes you a stronger buyer and gives you more buying options. See why Kelly Right is the right choice when buying your next home.

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