New Year’s Resolutions to Get Your Home in Shape

As the new year starts, many homeowners are wondering what they can do to get their home in shape. It’s never too late to take on some housekeeping tasks that will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Here are six resolutions you should consider taking on this New Year!

Clean your home from top to bottom - dust, vacuum, and scrub all surfaces

It’s a good idea to start off the new year with an all-encompassing clean of your home. Start by going through every nook, cranny and cubby hole that has space potential. Make 3 piles for your items: Keep (anything you think will be useful), Throw Away (things not worth keeping) or Donate! A thorough cleaning can help you put things in perspective and make room for what’s coming next, whether it be more clutter or less stress!

Declutter your living space by getting rid of clothes you don't wear.

Take a day to go through your closet and try on every piece of clothing. If you no longer wear the item, decide if it’s worth selling or donating. Once everything has been purged from your closet make sure it gets washed. For the items you choose to keep you may want to consider wiping down any shelving or racks you used before organizing your closet.

Organize the kitchen with a new set of shelves for pots and pans and dishes

Make your kitchen a cozy, functional place for cooking and eating by organizing the tools you use most often. Instead of storing all your pots and pans in one cabinet or on top each other, buy multifunctional tools so you can reduce what’s stored away while still being able use them when needed!

Install window treatments that match the style of your house to make it look more modern

Window treatments are a way to add personality and make your home look more modern and stylish. The next time you think about your room’s window treatments, take into account what function they serve and how often they need to be adjusted. Next decide on the style that will create this specific mood for each area in which it is used – light or dark?

Replace any light fixtures that are outdated or broken; update them if they're too expensive to replace

You can make your home look and feel brand-new by replace any light fixtures that are outdated or broken. The lighting in a space is an important detail, as it helps dictate what mood you are trying to create for each room of the house with different types or styles.

Clean out closets and drawers so everything has a place; throw away anything you don't need anymore

Get organized! Take the time to clean out all your closets and drawers. Once you have done that, get an idea of what goes in each one with like items

The new year is a great time to tackle some of the tasks in your housekeeping list. These six resolutions are perfect for getting you started on the right foot.

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