Saying farewell to a home

We can often forget to say farewell to the home we are leaving behind when we move from one residence to another, as we can get so caught up in the forward thrust of where we are going. Yet saying goodbye is an important part of moving forward. It can give us a sense of…

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How to Stay Organized While Moving

The Neat Freak has tips and tricks for staying organized during a big move and starting the next chapter in a new home

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How to Market Your Properties by Finding Your Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point (USP) is crucial if you want to succeed as a landlord. Clearly defining your USP is the best way to set your property management business apart from the competition and give potential tenants compelling reasons to choose your business over others.

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Ask an Expert: How Do I Make My Home More Energy-Efficient?

Three eco-conscious designers share simple ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

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How Well Does Your Bio Sell You?

How do you make a great first impression online? You can start by writing a compelling bio.  Prospects want to know who you are, what …

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How to Work Like a Top-Producing Agent

What separates an average agent from a top producer? It’s not luck, and there isn’t a secret formula that favors a select few. High performers …

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