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Kelly Right Real Estate Announces that Boise is open …

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Kelly Right Real Estate is a fast-growing, tech-savvy real estate firm with an affiliated mortgage company.  They stampede into Boise with larger commissions and exceptional support for agents that may be ready to switch to a better commission structure.  Joe Kelly and his talented staff bring with them the owner’s independent and resourceful spirit reminiscent of the western frontier. It’s fitting that Joe planned a stop in Boise as the company expands to the south / east coast.

Based out of Spokane, Washington, Kelly Right is an industry leader with-in the growing 100 percent commission niche.  They have seen their recruiting numbers soar to over 425 real estate professionals operating in over 12 states. Kelly Right recently announced the opening of their Boise office located at4696 W Overland Rd #262.  This office will be the company’s third Idaho office. Joe Kelly looks to replicate the success experienced at their other Northwest office locations in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

“This was an easy choice for a new office.  We love Boise.   It shares many similarities with the Spokane market.  Even though Boise was an easy decision for the company, we have lots of work to do earning trust and building relationships.”  said owner and designated broker, Joe Kelly.

Kelly Right Real Estate was founded by Joe Kelly in 2005. After several years in the lending and real estate industries, Mr. Kelly knew there was a better way to buy and sell real estate. He understood that there was significant “buying power” if agents could help their buyers connect with exceptional lenders. He also knew traditional lenders were charging too much commission which can increase closing costs. There was a better method to buy real estate where both buyers and sellers could benefit.

Mr. Kelly built his mortgage company, K Loans ( in a way that would dramatically benefit their clients.  K Loans’ salaried loan officers and falt origination fee make it an incredibly competitive product that can actually benefit both buyers and sellers. He teaches his agents how to leverage these benefits to increase their sales and close more transactions.  The power of lending is an exceptional resource for real estate professionals.1028232Lender|

Kelly Right’s FUSE training is a coaching system devised by Mr. Kelly and unique to Kelly Right.  Joe presents the 8-part, webinar-based series focused on many real estate topics.  This weekly training is a powerful resource to develop better skills and perfect the art of real estate selling.

Complimenting the FUSE Training, agents have access to bi-monthly webinars focused on lead generation, digital marketing and social media. The free coaching is unique in that Kelly Right offers the coaching to agents from other firms as well. You can find Brokerage Nation Coaching here;

The tech savvy firm has recently partnered with Kunversion, soon to be  The Kunversion system is considered by many to be the most powerful real estate lead generating system on the market today.  Kelly Right offers their agents KvCore, a $750 per/month retail value for less than $25 per/month. An incredible discount and yet another tool for their agents to secure leads.

Kelly Right is dedicated to ensure the success of their agents by providing them with powerful training and tools to increase business and income.  Mr. Kelly is dedicated to giving his agents more for the best commission structure in America.

Visit, if you are an agent looking to explore a different type of real estate firm that is built to benefit you.  Contact Kelly Right for a confidential meeting.

For more info kindly contact;

Alex Veselits, PCM Broker
Director of Marketing

Kelly Right Real Estate140 S Arthur St, #600,
Spokane WA, United States 99202
Phone:509.489.7000 Ext: 1013



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