OK, so you’re thinking about switching real estate companies? Don’t get lost in the jungle!

Get leads and 100%, join Kelly Right Real Estate today!

Kelly Right Real Estate is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the Pacific Northwest. Our growth and success is predicated on how experienced our real estate professionals are. As well, our extraordinary product offerings help our real estate agents provide our clients value-added services never before offered as a complete real estate experience.

Our Mortgage division, K Loans NMLS#1028232, provides our clients a full slate of mortgage products and, better yet, does it for a small flat fee no matter the loan size. We encourage our clients to shop for home loans, and compare the difference. K Loans provides you with a consumer copy of your credit report, and our lending partner’s rate sheet. (Read our Affiliated Business Agreement)

From exceptionally talented real estate professionals to home loans with an unbeatable rate and fee structure, Kelly Right can offer you a buying and/or selling experience unmatched in real estate today. Do your research, be an informed client and experience why Kelly Right is better.

You know about the big box companies who take a huge percentage of your commission with endless fees. They have dwindling support and there marketing is tired. There are also those 100% commission companies who still charge high fees and provide zero support. You are left out in the jungle to fend for yourself with no help or direction.
Here at Kelly Right we give you the best commission structure in the industry with full support and the finest marketing tools to help you increase your business.

We charge a small monthly fee of $79 and our transaction fee is a maximum of $179. There are no additional fees and we pay for your insurance. However, it is not this incredible commission we are so proud of; it is the incredibly powerful marketing tools and training we provide that really sets us apart. Kelly Right will show you how to use the most advanced technology to drive leads. By using a powerful CRM and mobile App you will increase your business and capture leads you never had access to in the past. Our FUSE training will teach you to take advantage of more information and close more deals.

We focus on marketing strategies perfected by Kelly Right and never before used in real estate. Take the time to see why Kelly Right is a better choice for your career.

We think you will like what you see. Kelly Right is Real Estate Done Right.

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