Instructions – Adding and Maintaining Agents

/Instructions – Adding and Maintaining Agents
Instructions – Adding and Maintaining Agents 2017-09-19T16:19:58+00:00

Adding Agents (Users)

Before you begin –  Agents are stored as users in the WordPress database (those two terms are interchangeable for the purpose of these instructions).  You can add agents to the user database very easily through the WordPress administration area, but, the add user feature in the administration area does not allow you to enter all the profile information for the agent, only the agents name, username, email and password. 

After you have added the agent’s basic information into the WordPress user database, you have the option to enter the rest of the agent’s profile information (their location/market, about me description, social media links, profile pic, etc…) yourself by editing the profile information for the agent. 

If you would prefer to have the agents enter their own details (recommended), you can allow the system to send the agent the sign up email and complete the process on their own. 


To add an agent, you must first add them to the user database and then edit their profile through the website.  Unfortunately, it is a two step process.

  1. Login to the WordPress admin (
    • Your user name and password were the same as your agent profile.
  2. Click Users > Add New
    1. There may be a number in red next to the Users menu option, this is the number of users “Pending Review”.  More on that in “A Agents” instructions below.
  3. Complete the form
    • Username: It is recommended (but not required) to use the agents email address as their username. Keep things standardized whenever possible!  Be aware that the username is not changeable once entered
    • If you would like the agent to receive an email from the system, you can leave the box checked “Send the new user an email about their account” and the system will automatically send an email notifying them that the account has been created. (I will send the language shortly).  If, instead, you prefer to follow up with agents manually, leave the box unchecked and no email will be sent to them.
    • Click the “Show Password” box to assign a password for the user. If you enter a password determined to be “weak” (most are), you’ll need to click the “Confirm Weak Password” checkbox that appears.
    • Select Subscriber as the Role
    • Select Agent as the Community Role
    • Click the 
      [Add New User] button once you have completed the form

Once you have completed the add user form –

  • The agent has a status of “Pending Review” and must be approved by an admin (also done in the user admin screen)
  • The agent is not viewable in the website agent search by the general public, but they are viewable by you as an authenticated user
  • A default profile picture (large rectangular image of house w/KRRE sign) is set
  • The agent can login and add/edit their profile information at

If you have the agent’s profile information (picture, social media info, about me description, etc…), you can either enter it yourself or direct the agent to login and update their profile information themselves at

Updating an Agent’s (Users) Profile

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin Area (
  2. Go to Users > All Users
    1. There is a user search box in the upper right corner. perform a search to find the user.
    2. When the search results are displayed, if can mouse-over the users name you will see a View Profile link – click that link.
    3. You will be redirected to that Agent’s profile page on the web site.
    4. Refer to the agent profile instructions on how to edit the agent’s profile information (picture, social media links, description, etc…)

Approving Agent’s (Users)

When you add an agent to the user database, you will need to “Approved” that agent before they are displayed on the website.  Agents that have completed the online signup form themselves will also have to be “Approved” before they will be displayed on the general public search.

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin Area (
  2. Go to Users > All Users
    1. Note there may be a number in red next to the Users menu option.  This is the number of users pending review.
  3. When the user/agent listing is displayed, click the “Users requiring approval” link
  4. You can change each agent’s status to “Active” so they will be displayed on the website

Deleting Agents (Users)

When agents are no longer with the organization, you can either delete their profile completely, or change their status to “Pending Review” if they may come back later.

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin Area (
  2. Go to Users > All Users
  3. Delete/Change user status as needed