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You Deserve 100 Percent

Thinking about 100% Commission?  Perhaps it is time to switch your license to the BEST 100% commission structure in America.  Whether you are an industry veteran or just beginning your real estate career, Kelly Right has the technology and the support you deserve.  Compare our commission structure and services.  We have built this company to benefit you and your clients.  As we expand our operations across America we are always reminded of one thing; YOU are our customer.  Don’t pay higher splits and fees or go with a company that cannot offer you the support, technology and leads you need to be successful.  Let us show you how we can improve your business.

Make More in 2018

Kelly Right offers 100% commission from day one.  No gimmicks, no tricks, no hidden fees.  We believe this is the best commission structure in America, especially when you add in all the services we provide. We charge a monthly fee of $79.  This fee covers your insurance, support staff and overhead.  We also charge a small transaction fee of $79 to a maximum of $179.

Leads & Technology

For a ridiculously low $25-$38 per/month you will receive KvCore Lead Generation, a $750 value.  Kelly Right’s marketing department will show you how to take advantage of the best technology in the industry.  We set up your website and you drive leads to it through social media, Google ad words and sign riders.  Stay in touch with a custom CRM and expand your database.  Have your clients download your mobile App and search listings anywhere, anytime. By utilizing multiple platforms, including Kunversion (KV Core), Kelly Right will increase your business dramatically.

Coaching, Training & Support

FUSE training was developed by Joe Kelly specifically for Kelly Right agents via bi-monthly webinars .The ten part series dives into subjects ranging from the Purchase and Sale agreement to closing and Real Estate Law. We make sure our agents understand lending and train them on how it benefits them as real estate professionals.

Marketing Coaching, bi-monthly webinars hosted by Dan Wood, will show you how to use the power of social media to generate leads and how to utilize various emerging marketing skills. Close more transactions and make more money through better training at Kelly Right.

Exceptional Support and agent care, dozens of full-time support staff, same day pay, marketing support, business cards, online store, fulfillment center, paperless pipeline and top broker experience in the industry.

Convenience, In-House Lending

If your clients want the best interest rate and fee structure in America, they need to compare lenders.  Pre-qualify borrowers 24/7, qualify more buyers, increase purchase power and have the lender pay closing costs.  This can make for stronger offers and more closed transactions.

Real Estate Done Right

Kelly Right is the right choice when thinking about making a switch in real estate companies. Make the switch today, online and in minutes by completing the secure 3 step form. Shortly after you submit the form an agent services representative will contact you to learn more about your goals. It’s that simple! Stop giving your money away, hundreds of agents have made the decision to switch to Kelly Right and are set to make more money 2018. Take control of your career and life join us and do real estate right!

If you have questions before joining Kelly Right Real Estate, please visit our FAQ or complete the more info form below to have one of our representatives reach out to you.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:

Agent Services Manager
509-489-7000 ext. 1004 or
1-844-KELLYRIGHT (1-844-535-5974)

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