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Kelly Right is an innovative and rapidly growing real estate company designed to benefit our real estate professionals and their clients, YOU. We do this by providing exceptional services no other real estate company in America can or will offer.

First, Kelly Right has some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry.  The reason?  Our commission structure is extraordinary.  We simply pay our professionals more (100% of their commission) than our competition and thus, attract more experienced real estate professionals.  They typically come to us more motivated and their desire to assist our clients shows through at every part of the real estate transaction.

Second, we have built a lending company, K Loans NMLS#1028232 (www.KLoans.com) to benefit our clients.
We do this in 3 ways:

  1. Show them more purchase power by encouraging them to compare rates/fees/APR.
  2. Eliminate most of or all the closing costs through a lender rebate.
  3. Lower closing costs by employing salaried loan officers and offering a fixed origination fee regardless of loan amount.

The key is to start with the lowest interest rate you can find.  This is why we encourage all of our clients to shop and compare K Loans.  Compare interest rate, compare products, compare fees charged and compare APR.  Lenders will credit you a rebate for a specific interest rate chosen.  Often times this is several percentage points and CAN reduce or alleviate closing costs depending on the lender, loan amount and product.

Finally, a lower interest rate means MORE PURCHASE POWER!  Qualify to buy more home or a higher offer in a competitive marketplace.  Again, compare loans to ensure you start with the lowest interest rate and fee structure.

Kelly Right is not simply another real estate company looking to make more money off your hard earned work.  We are dedicated to you and will provide you unmatched services and products.  When choosing a real estate company choose Kelly Right and see how we are “BUILT TO BENEFIT YOU.”


Joseph Kelly

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