Curb appeal.

Be sure to make up for any “deferred maintenance” and clean you the exterior of your property.  Curb appeal is critical and is the first impression potential buyers will have.

Clean, clean, clean.

De-clutter your home and open it up to make it seem larger than it really is.  Deep cleaning is essential to making your home more appealing.

Service all appliances and systems.

Make sure all your systems are working well and keep them clean.

Interview multiple real estate agents.

Choose an agent who knows the market and understands how comps are looked at by appraisers.  Understand the proper value of your house and the marketplace.

Price your home right.

Look at other homes in the area for sale.  Compare assessed tax rates for comparable homes.  If you price your home well you may induce multiple offers with escalation clauses and actually produce a better sales price than holding out for your asking price.

Don’t chose a real estate agent
based on an inflated price.

Many agents will tell you they can get more than other agents who may list your property.  It is a common practice to tell sellers they will get more for you home and ultimately; this simply sets you up for pain as you have to lower your price to match the market.

Be clear about commissions.

Typically, the real estate firm charges you a 6% commission and offers half of that to a selling office to induce a buyer.  Many real estate companies have high overhead and charge their agents an exorbitant commission split.  They have little flexibility to adjust commissions to benefit you.

Don’t spend too much remodeling.

Many buyers will do something different to your home once they take possession so don’t go overboard remodeling every room.  Most likely, you will not recoup your costs.

Make your home available.

It is difficult to open up your home to strangers but you must do it.  Go out of your way to accommodate showings.  Buyers have busy schedules and see something in your home they like.

Turn on the heat, turn on the lights,
and put the pets away.

If a buyer is uncomfortable in the house they will leave as soon as they can.  Your goal is to keep them in the house and allow them to envision making a home out of it.